It was the next most logical step in both of their lives.

After living in Argentina for almost a year perfecting his Spanish and journalistic craft, Gavin Anstey returned to Colorado, set on basking in the ski-town lifestyle of Telluride, where he could be close to his eldest sister Gabby. (We have Gabby to thank for Telluride Inside… and Out’s sexy new look and here seems as good a place as any for a shout out.)

After graduating from the Art Institute in Denver, Gavin’s friend and partner Dutch Simpson started tapping into the life of a freelance videographer. But the city was taking its toll. After a chance meeting at a friend’s house, Dutch and Gavin decided to head to the destination resort in Southwest Colorado together and start a video-blog to document their life transition from tourists to locals. The Telluride Newb was born.

Right out of the gate, in November 2010, when the local newbies published their first video post, Telluride Newb began to pick up a head of steam. National popularity of their site allowed Gavin and Dutch to diversify content, explore new realms, and found their own media and content provision company. It’s what can happen when you follow your bliss. Almost immediately, Open Exposure Media began producing content for the Telluride Ski Area, the Telluride Tourism Board, even some leading outdoor industry companies. And the beat goes on…

Yes, the dynamic duo is ambitious. Yes, they are young and successful. But you will not find Gavin and Dutch surrounded by four walls, squinting over computer screens. Skiing, not work, is what brought them to Telluride. Their “office” is the slopes. Most often we find the pair shredding the ski area or coaching skiing for the Telluride Ski and Snowboard Club. The business partners first met 15 years ago as competitors on the Winter Park Freestyle Team.

Telluride Inside… and Out is honored to feature “Best of the NEWB” weekly.

And talk about living the dream.

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