If evergreens get to sparkle and shine at Christmastime why shouldn’t you get blinged out too? According to Telluride Inside… and Out’s fashionista, Kristin Holbrook of Telluride’s Two Skirts, there is no good reason not to glam it up over the holidays with sequins.

This week’s installment of Fashion Friday is all about those disk-shaped circles and beads, once made out of gold, now made from vinyl, called “sequins.”

Leonardo da Vinci, the original “Renaissance man,” kept notebooks filled with ideas for inventions. Turns out his “Codex Atlanticus” included a machine for making sequins. (Apparently the thing was an embarrassment of pulleys, levers and punches and never got made.)

Strippers, Shriners and gypsies favor sequins. So did skater Sonja Henie. Ringling Brothers Circus used to order tons of sequins – for its elephants. And in the 1950s, Purdue University’s Golden Girl, a baton twirler, wore a costume entirely made of sequins.

If King Tut wore sequins – and at least his mummy did – what’s stopping you from putting on the ritz?

Kristin says the sparkle and shine is not just for after dark. Click the “play” button and learn more about how to wear the trend and not go over the top and look, well, like you escaped from a marching band.

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