In August, anthropologist, cookbook author and celebrity chef Dr. Susanna Hoffman played to a packed house when she was featured in a special segment of Chef Bud’s popular Books & Cooks series at Telluride’s five-star Wilkinson Public Library. On the menu, were taste treats such as mushroom and retsina wine filo pie and yogurt cake with lemon ouzo syrup. When Susanna returns for her encore Tuesday, December 6, noon – 1 p.m., the subject is game.

Susanna’s demo menu should include bison and elk medallions, which she plans to prepare with several sauces. Under consideration: Gentleman Jack Pan Sauce, Sour Cherry Sauce, Apple Jalapeno Jam, Vinegar-Glazed Roasted Onions. The sauces as well as the mustard-and-pecan-crusted elk medallions come from an upcoming book Susanna penned with partner Victoria Wise: “Bold: American Cooking and How It Came To Be,” due out by Workman Press in 2012.

A regular contributor to top-drawer cooking mags, a column about Swedish meatballs, “Sphere of Influence: Where the Swedes have ventured, the meatball has followed,” appears in this month’s Saveur. She also recently addressed the Conference of Latino American Foods (or Western Hemisphere Foods) in Guadalajara, Mexico. Her presentation: “Yes, the United States Does Have a Cuisine.”

To learn more about polymath Dr. Susanna Hoffman, see related articles AND click the “play” button to listen to our chat.


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