This legend has legs. And they are usually in tights.

The Sheridan Arts Foundation’s Young People’s Theater follows the 1973 film, the 2006 TV series, the 2010 film  and countless other re-creations of the tale of Robin Hood with it own adaptation, but the broad strokes of the original story are these: Robin and husband of marauders confronts corruption in a local village and lead an uprising against the crown that changes the balance of power in the world. However, in artistic director Jen Julia’s production, while saving the world, Robin’s Merry Men (and women) sing.

Join 27 young actors from grades 6 – 8 in this reprise of one of SAFYPT’s funniest and most popular musicals, “Robin Hood!” The family show takes place Friday December 2 – Sunday, December 4, 6 p..m.

True to form, Jen’s plots include other twists that turn the tale of the 13th-century heroic outlaw on its head. Friar Tuck becomes Sister Tuck, a nun who thinks she is in “The Sound of Music.” A rubber chicken plays an important role. And the score includes favorites from Broadway hit musicals: “Comedy Tonight,” “It’s a Fine Life,” and “Make ‘Em Laugh.”

“This is one of my favorite of our adapted stories…it’s bizarre and silly and just plain joyful. I can’t wait to laugh along with the audience every night,” exclaimed Jen.

Event information and tickets are available online or by calling the SOH box office (M-F, 9am – 5pm),  970.728.6363 x5.

To learn more from Jen, click the “play” button and listen to our chat.

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