Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim

Langhorne Slim has been tearing up the East Coast with his Holy-roller, bluesy showmanship. The man is a star waiting for the right universe to realize it!

“Langhorne Slim expertly walks the line between the sublime and the subterranean At once raucous and reverent, his old-timey country blues is tempered with the occasional outburst of punk rock insolence indicating that there may just be an anarchy sign on the back of his guitar and a little more than constant sorrow on the brain of this charismatic troubadour.” St. James Tothe.

“Langhorne Slim uses his own homemade bred-out-of-loneliness technique of flat picking, molding the classic sounds of Doc Watson and Lester Flatt, formulating a bluegrass nightmare that you just do not want to end. His stage performance must be seen to be believed” PMC. Magazine 2001.

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