Telluride talent Suzan Beraza has never let any grass grow under her feet. Just after arriving in town, she co-founded the Telluride Repertory Theatre Company. (Recently merged with SquidShow to form Telluride Theatre.) Today, as a filmmaker and founder of her own production company, Reel Thing, Suzan has jumped from a small stage to become an actor on the world stage. Her mission: educate and entertain through films such as the award-winning “Bag It, ” which has inspired an army of fans and followers since premiering at Mountainfilm in Telluride in 2010, including some major celebrities.

Recently, Ellen Degeneres placed “Bag It” at the top of her “Films Ellen Loves” list on her popular website.

“Gripping, funny, intelligent and sure to change your life,” exclaimed Oscar-winning director of “The Cove,” Louie Psihoyos.

In a way “Bag It,” starring Jeb Berrier as a curious Everyman, is a populist response to the Sixties pop phenomenon, “The Graduate,” the movie that predicted a future of plastics. “The Graduate” was right. Too bad for us. “Bag It” is right too. That’s the good news – if we act now.

“Bag It,” as much call-to-action as documentary, is a penetratingly smart look at our society’s use and abuse of plastic, focusing on the ubiquitous substance as it relates to our throwaway mentality, our culture of convenience, our over consumption of unnecessary, disposable products and packaging, all the things we use once and toss away without a second thought.

If you missed the many screenings of “Bag It” over the pass few years or if you are a fan who want to see the documentary one more time, “Bag It” has a unique viewing opportunity through a collaboration with Constellation TV, a cool new online movie theater. Starting Sunday, November 20, Constellation TV began airing “Bag It” at 6:30 p.m., Telluride time (8:30 EST). The programming continues this Sunday, December 4, and at the same time the next two Sundays.

Each of the five Sunday screenings includes a Q&A session and features a celebrity host or hosts. On November 20, it was Ed Begley Jr., actor and founding member of the Plastic Pollution Coalition, and his creative director and co-founder, Dianna Cohen, leading the discussion. Plastic Pollution Coalition is a global alliance of individuals, organizations and businesses working together to stop plastic pollution and its toxic impacts on humans, animals and the environment. Ticket proceeds from that day go to support  http://plasticpollutioncoalition.org.

Tickets for any one of the five screenings on Constellation TV are $4.99. For more information on the screenings and Constellation TV, visit www.constellation.tv. or click the “play” button and listen to what Suzan Beraza has to say.

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