Fashion Friday: Brochu Walker at Telluride’s Two Skirts

Fashion Friday: Brochu Walker at Telluride’s Two Skirts


Fw11_36 Telluride’s Two Skirts has two words for you: Brochu Walker. The hip young design team is the subject of this week’s Fashion Friday.

Fashion Friday took a break so that Two Skirts’ Kristin Holbrook could canvas the halls of Seventh Avenue, but she’s back with renewed enthusiasm for the fall/winter season, including a new line from Brochu Walker.

Designed by Lisa Brochu and Lauren Walker, the collection is defined by lightweight, luxurious, effortless cashmeres, perfect for layering and cross-seasonal wear, from fall through spring, even Telluride’s cool summer nights.

Fw11_48 After honing their skills at various New York fashion companies, Lisa and Lauren identified a void in the market for effortless, wearable, chic basics that appealed to women who had outgrown contemporary designs. Launched in 2008, is built on the principals of mix and match  and wrapping.

The interplay between texture and tonality, classic silhouettes with unexpected details and varied proportion are what make Brochu Walker collection unique. The pieces are neither too tight nor too loose, just right and so versatile  a woman can put her individual stamp on the look.

Clothing by Brochu Walker can be worn with heels, a favorite pair of jeans, or when lounging at home. It’s wearable runway.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to what Kristin has to say.

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