Telluride organizations sponsor streaming of Bioneers Conference

Telluride organizations sponsor streaming of Bioneers Conference

by Kris Holstrom

Bioneers Into Action- Class October 10 & 11 at Library ahead of event

Bioneers – biological pioneers, innovators for the future, social justice for the present – they’re coming to Telluride next weekend, October 14-16, 2011! The Wilkinson Public Library is the only western slope venue for the Beaming Bioneers – a live satellite feed from the main stage of the Bioneers Conference held in Marin, California. We’re so fortunate to be able to be there – and here!

Speakers at Bioneers are never less than inspiring and often heartrending, awesome, even downright amazing. The depth and breadth of the offerings means there is a topic for everyone. It happens next weekend at the library, Friday through Sunday, from 10-2 each day. You can come and go as you need, but I don’t want to miss a thing. TIO will interview two of the speakers and you can check out that podcast later in the week to get a taste of the inspiration!

The New Community Coalition and University Centers of the San Miguel are teaming up with the library to offer an opportunity for community members to do more than just watch the proceedings. The Bioneers Into Action class will meet next Monday (Oct. 10) and Tuesday evening at 6:00 p.m. We’ll talk about Bioneers in general and this year’s speakers in detail. It’s time to get jazzed up and discover which topics you are interested in and share why. We’ll then watch the conference Friday, Saturday and Sunday at the library and the following Tuesday gather again to reflect – and more importantly choose a project or projects, idea or ideas to implement as a response. Too often people go to amazing events, hear wonderful words, get super inspired and then…. don’t know what to do next. This class will help us all figure out real actions we can implement here in our own region. We do better when we do together! The class is available for 1 college credit if desired.

Contact Kris or Robyn for more info about the class at or

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