Telluride Inside… and Out is Out (on the road)

Telluride Inside… and Out is Out (on the road)

Autumn on Rudy's Bear Creek, Autumn Astute readers of Telluride Inside… and Out will have noticed that we seem to be writing about "outside Telluride" subjects this past week. We both love traveling, and look forward to seeing our spread-out family. And that means leaving Telluride.

It comes down to this: we love Autumn in Telluride, but because much of our content on TIO depends on being in Telluride in season, if we are to travel to spend time with family, it pretty much has to be during the off seasons.

Lake City group from Hastings Family concerns dictated our being with Susan's parents for much of September. We have also managed to work in some hours in Manhattan: museum and gallery shows, time with friends. But this means we will miss the change of season in Telluride. We also missed Telluride Blues & Brews.

North Pole from Last Dollar For those who have never seen the Southern San Juans in the Fall, for those who have but are missing it this year for some reason, and especially for us, because we are missing Autumn in Telluride this year, here are a few phosos of San Miguel County in the Fall.

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