Matthew At Fifteen

Matthew, breakfast Susan and I usually leave Telluride in early September for family visits. This year we started in New Jersey to be with Susan's parents for 1 1/2 weeks, then to Bellevue, Washington for time with Kid 1, Kimm Viebrock and family. 

Our Fall visit in Bellevue often coincides with Grandson Matthew's birthday, at least sometime around the day. With our far-flung and busy family, it's rather amazing that over the years we have managed to maintain fairly regular in-person time together.

Still, it comes as a bit of a surprise to find Matthew all grown up. It seems like yesterday I held him in a brief reprieve from his isolette- he was a tiny preemie. And this year he started high school! Tonight we'll watch him playing trumpet in the Bellevue High School marching band at their home football game.

Matthew, Stretch, 2004 Musical, funny, athletic, a polymath (like his parents), growing long and lean like his father,  one can discuss any number of esoteric subjects with him. Just yesterday we were talking about the Cascadia fault off the Washington and Oregon coast, and its implications for a major earthquake and tsunami.

All grown up, and yet, last time I checked, Stretch the Rubber Chicken still had a place in Matthew's room, and there is full size Sheldon from "Big Bang Theory" standing in one corner of his newly renovated bedroom/office.

Happy 15th birthday, Matthew.

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