Fashion Friday: Falling for menswear-inspired hats for Fall

Fashion Friday: Falling for menswear-inspired hats for Fall

[click “Play”, Kristin talks hats with Susan]


Hats What’s good for the goose… If men can shop in women’s stores, go metrosexual, then why shouldn’t wear turn the tables too? Kristin Holbrook of Telluride’s Two Skirts suggests our hat’s in the ring.

In the 1960s, women burned bras and started wearing the pants in the family too. By the 1970s, pants were ho-hum. (So were most fashions.) In the 1980s, women wanting to break the glass ceiling, decided to look more like men: shoulder pads to create the illusion of broad shoulders (all the better to lean on during bad days at the office) came in to fashion, along with button-down shirts, even bow ties. (I bought mine at Paul Stuart.) Power suits for powerful women.

Now crossing the line has little to do with ceilings, glass or otherwise. It has everything to do with the fairer sex thinking all is fair in love and fashion.

Which brings me to the heart of this week’s installment of Fashion Friday: menswear-inspired hats are all the rage this fall along with vests and blazers, menswear fabrics like herringbone and tweed, and pinstripes.

Menswear-inspired hats chez Two Skirts means Panama Jacks and Indiana Jones and more.

What more? Click the “play” button and listen to Kristin’s hat chat.

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