Calypso Rose at Sheridan Opera House, 9/22/2011

Calypso Rose at Sheridan Opera House, 9/22/2011


Calypso Rose and her band, musicians from Guadeloupe, Trinidad, Ireland and Nigeria, are scheduled to perform at the historic Sheridan Opera House on Thursday, September 22. Showtime for this seats-out concert is 8 p.m.

In her genre, raunchy, ribald and rife with socio-political and sexual innuendo, Calypso Rose is the undisputed queen, having won that title at the Trinidad and Tobago Carnival for five consecutive years.

Born McArtha Linda Sandy-Lewis, the daughter of a spiritual Baptist leader, Calypso Rose began writing her music at age 15. In 1966, she penned "Fire in Meh Wire," which became a calypso anthem. American Blues/R & B superstar Bonnie Raitt covered Rose's "Wah She Go Do." But despite her repeated triumphs over the years at home and around the globe, Calypso Rose's eponymous 2009 album was the first to be released by an international recording label. Now, at age 70, she is riding a new wave of popularity, touring and performing her saucy sounds.

Rose has lived in Jamaica (Queens) since 1983.

For a preview of the show, watch this video.

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