Telluride's Mudd Butts: Mike Stasiuk's props

Telluride's Mudd Butts: Mike Stasiuk's props

By Jane Minarovic


If you have been fortunate enough to have attended a Mudd Butts Mystery Theatre Troupe production in the past 21 years, you have seen how the imagery of prop master Mike Stasiuk makes the narrative come alive. When he is not backstage creating fantastical masks and props out of cardboard boxes, newspaper, and paint, Mike creates whimsical sculptures from a variety found objects from his studio in Portsmouth, NH. He has had sculpture in private and corporate collections and is also published in books such as Found Object Art 1 and 2. He is represented by the Clark Gallery in Lincoln, MA and the George Marshall Store Gallery in York, ME.

Many of the Mike’s magical props will be auctioned off after Sundays production.

See below for the Mudd Butts’ cast list:

Dean Hodes, Laguna Beach, California – Granny Spider, animal, Greek Chorus
Georgia Miller, Savannah, Georgia – Pandora, Cave scene
Gabbi Taylor, Des Moines, Iowa – Telluride Grandma, Aphrodite, Cave local #3
Ting Taylor, Telluride, Colorado – Tiger, Greek Chorus
Cindy Matamoros, Telluride, Colorado – God, wicked sister
Brooke Balthrope, Dallas, Texas – Noah, Goldlover #2
Esme Fahnestock, Norwood, Colorado – Olive, Greek Chorus
Bella Johnson, Phoenix, Arizona – Scientist #1, Baby Spider #1
Luke Marshall, Telluride, Colorado – KOTO Announcer #2, Prometheus, Cave Band
Audrey McManemin, Dallas, Texas – Tourist Dad, Baby Spider #2, signs
Simon Perkovich, Telluride, Colorado – Stephen Hawking, Hermes, poem?
Annika Westman, Telluride, Colorado – Ted, Miner #1
Hiep Witzel, Phoenix, Arizona – Prince, Goldlover #1, Greek Chorus
Hudson Groner, Bedford, New York – Zeus, Cave Band, musician
Carly Hodes, Laguna Beach, Colorado – Scientist #2, Baby Spider #3, Noah Local #1
Max Kanner, New Orleans, Louisiana – KOTO Announcer #1, Prairie Dog #1
Ellia Melin,Chandler, Arizona – Telluride Local #2, Noah’s wife, Baby Spider
Eva Miller, Savannah, Georgia – Caverella, Baby Spider #4
Jaxon Mosher, Telluride, Colorado – Baby Spider #5, Miner #1, Cave Local #1
Zach Davis, Telluride, Colorado – Prairie Dog #2, Museum Lady #2
Eli Kanner, New Orleans, Louisiana – Mayor, Stormy, Greek Chorus
Lillian Melin, Chandler, Arizona – Baby Spider #6, Noah’s Daughter, Greek Chorus
Ava Minarvic, Spring, Texas– Ben, Baby Spider #7, Cave Scene, Greek Chorus
Jolie Tanner, Winter Haven, Florida – Telluride Mother, Noah’s Son, Athena
Dietz Woehle, Telluride, Colorado – Goldlover #3, Paul Stamets
Anna Wright, Telluride, Colorado – Prairie Dog #3, Museum Lady #1
Tess Rosenthal, Franklin, Michigan- Tourist Wife, Apollo, Sign Holder, Cave local #2
Annie Doherty, Dallas Texas- Baby Spider, Miner and Local #2

Jane Minarovic has degrees in Film Production and Drama from the University of Texas.  She worked in advertising where she wrote, produced and directed hundreds of local and regional commercials.  Later, she entered in the music business and created electronic press kits and music videos for a variety of recording artists including Billy Joe Shaver and Waylon Jennings.  After a 10 year break from the business to raise her 3 children, she is very happy to be back producing video, especially since it can now be done with with one tiny camera and a laptop computer!

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