Telluride's Christ Church opens contemplative garden, August 21

Telluride's Christ Church opens contemplative garden, August 21

[click “Play”, Susan talks with Rev. Pat Bailey]


Contemplation Garden Once upon a lifetime ago, Telluride Inside…and Out visited the Ryoan-Ji Zen Garden in Kyoto, Japan. The mystical place consists of raked gravel and 15 moss-covered boulders, arranged so that when viewed from any angle other than above, just 14 of the boulders are visible at one time. The big idea: only when we achieve enlightenment can we see all 15 at once.

Now let’s take that idea home to Telluride, where Reverend Pat Bailey and Christ Church have created a variation on the theme of Ryoan-Ji. In the church’s brand new contemplation garden, grass replaces gravel and stones are for sitting as we look up at our “boulders,” the giant peaks that surround our box canyon. A Celtic cross, a Buddha and a cairn are set among the flowers, inviting everyone into the spiritual world of his choice.

On Sunday, August 21, noon – 1 p.m., Christ Church, 434 West Columbia (across the street from the Elementary School)  hosts an open house and celebration of its garden. Musicians and singers will perform, strawberries and ice cream will be served, kiddos get to enjoy special activities. All are welcome.

To learn more, click the “play” button and listen to Pat’s interview.

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