Your Ah Haa Moment: Final rap on the upcoming Auction

Your Ah Haa Moment: Final rap on the upcoming Auction

[click “Play”, Susan talks about the auction with Rachel Loomis Lee]


Ahhaa_7-20 Here’s a pop quiz: What does Telluride’s Ah Haa School for the Arts have in common with James Bond?

If you answered that the theme of the upcoming auction revolves around the iconic spy you would be partly right. Ah Haa’s 2011 “007” art auction takes place Thursday, July 21, 5 – 7 (for an intimate evening at the school, including a mini-auction), with the main event Friday, July 22, starting at 5 p.m.

The other answer is less obvious, but no less true: Bond is unshakeable and so is Ah Haa. The school is a rock of our community, a hub where individuals get to discover their inner Picasso –  or last year, Gypsy Rose Lee!

Ah Haa offers year-round classes in a wide range of subjects from painting and ceramics to sculpture, textile arts, photography, jewelry, welding, writing, acting, dancing, cooking and wellness. Teachers are pedigreed locals as well as nationally known authorities in a field with major teaching cred. The school hosts workshops, open studios, lectures, exhibitions and special events, often in partnership with other local non-profits.

Ah Haa runs the prestigious American Academy of Bookbinding. The internationally recognized degree program is one of the few places anywhere in the world where amateur and profession bookbinders can hone their skills under the direction of master bookbinders.

Ah Haa has a strict policy of never turning away a student for lack of funds.

With all the facts lined up, supporting Ah Haa by attending its annual auction, “License to Create,” would seem to be a no-brainer. But if you are looking for more reasons, click the “play” button and listen to our interview with executive director Rachel Loomis Lee.

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