Telluride Institute hosts Lorain Fox Davis at special Ideas Festival

Telluride Institute hosts Lorain Fox Davis at special Ideas Festival

[click “Play”, Susan speaks with Lorain Fox Davis]


“Compassion for a World in Crisis” takes place July 8 – July 10

FoxDavis_l_headshot Last year, when the Telluride Institute hosted a conference in conjunction with Stanford University the region’s think-and- do tank was tapping into the the spirit of the times. And the mood has only intensified. While some folks appear ready to storm the barricades, others are turning inward. (For evidence, look at the growing numbers of individuals practicing Yoga and embracing spiritual practices from the East.) The underlying theme of Telluride Institute’s “Language of Mental Life” conference was compassion as an antidote to overheated passions: compassion for oneself and for others in equal measure.

This year, the beat goes on at the second annual three-day event designed to bring together cutting-edge neuroscientists, Tibetan Buddhist practitioners, and teachers of Native American wisdom traditions for panel discussions, conversations, seminars, question-and-answer sessions.

 “Compassion for a World in Crisis,” the second collaboration between the Telluride Institute and Stanford University, takes place July 8 – July 10, at the historic Sheridan Opera House.

One of the guest speakers is Lorain Fox Davis, a Cree/Blackfeet and a former (now retired) adjunct faculty member for American Indian Studies Program at Naropa University. Lorain is also founder and former director of Rediscovery Four Corners, a nonprofit founded in 1985 to serve native American youth and elders.

Lorain Fox Davis was introduced to Tibetan Buddhism over 30 years ago. Her path, as she describes it, “spans both Native American and Tibetan spirituality.” Both traditions teach compassion and respect for every living creature and a truly interactive relationship with the environment. From time to time, Lorain Fox Davis, has lectured at Taramandala, the Buddhist retreat center founded by Lama Tsultrim Allione, just outside Pagosa Springs.

To learn more about Lama Tsultrim Allione, follow this link and this one.

To learn more about Lorain Fox Davis and preview her Compassion Festival talk, click the “play” button and listen to our conversation.

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