Telluride Cajun Festival returns: Mia Borders, Friday, July 29

Telluride Cajun Festival returns: Mia Borders, Friday, July 29

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SOS POSTER Local Teddy Errico’s Telluride Cajun Festival is a little bit like the phoenix of mythology – or Harry Potter fame. Too much spice (music and food) burns it up, but the event inevitably returns better and stronger.

After a two-year break, The 2011 Telluride Cajun Festival and its partner, Oak, (the new Fat Alley), announce a South Oak Social with headliner Mia Borders performing on a program with the Great Funktier and Lily Von Shtupp. The main event takes place rain or shine Friday, July 29, at The Gondola Plaza at the base of Chair 8. Gates at 4 p.m. (Mia is scheduled to perform at 6 p.m.) Tickets are just $10 in advance and $15 day of show. Saturday, July 30, is a free night of music featuring Von Schtupp. Show time is 6 p.m.

MB_NOJHF2011 Words are us, so finding new ones to test drive is a thrill. Doing my homework on Mia, I came across a doozy: “lagniappe,” a Cajun term with French and Spanish roots that means “a little extra.” I mean a person could chew on that one like toffee.

“Lagniappe” about sums up the lovely Mia, whose earthy good looks, soulful voice, heartfelt, intelligent lyrics, sensuous sound and total honesty has got the national press flapping their jaws, spouting superlatives.

“The sassy Mia Borders walked out onto the Gentilly Stage around mid-day with enough attitude to kick butt the New Orleans way – with her voice, her guitar playing and her very-capable band beside her. Starting things off with ‘Walk On By’, the lady proceeded to wake everyone up who were unfamiliar with her brand of bluesy-smoke rock & soul. She is one of the guys and is never hesitant to let them know she can run with them full throttle,” Glide Magazine.

Remember Esperanza Spalding, one of Paul Machado’s discoveries? Paul booked the young bass phenom for his Telluride Jazz Celebration well before she became a guest of the White House and won a Grammy. Esperanza was in her early 20s when she first visited Telluride, just like Mia. And despite the fact both super talents are still in their 20s, neither was an overnight success. (And both are brainiacs.)

Mia grew up in New Orleans surrounded by music. In the late 1990s, when she was still just a kid, she picked up a guitar and began to write her own tunes. In her teens, she formed her first band. In high school, Mia left New Orleans to study (on full scholarship) at an elite boarding school in Connecticut, returning to New Orleans the spring before Hurricane Katrina.The recent graduate of Loyola University (in English) now performs all over the country and continues to pour out her heart in her music.

Offbeat Magazine’s Alex Rawls writes, “Note to self: Pay more attention to Mia Borders,” and USA Today named Mia one of the 2010 New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival’s “hidden surprises.”
No longer. The lady is clearly on driving full speed ahead in the fast lane.

“We are excited to bring Mia to Telluride for the first time and offer such value to the locals with what we feel is an affordable and fun night,” said Teddy. “One quick YouTube of her songs, and you too will be impressed.”

Or click the “play” button and listen to Mia tell it like it is in her own words.

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