SquidShow Theatre Presents "Con," July 28 – August 1, The Nugget

SquidShow Poster You will find the best of the worst in SquidShow Theatre's latest greatest production, "Con," in which founder/director Sasha Cucciniello spills the beans about her grifter dad and his kind.

"Con," a play about liars, opens Thursday July 28 and runs through Monday, August 1, 8:30 p.m., at Telluride's Nugget Theatre.

"Con" was conceived by Sasha and her long time collaborator, New York City-based playwright, Sarah Gancher. Six years ago the two wrote the first draft of a play about Sasha’s infamous dad. After moving to Telluride, the work got left on the shelf. Fast forward to now: Sasha along with her Squid collaborators decided to take themes from that play to create a new production. She tapped Sarah once again, asking her to come to Telluride to write the new and improved version of "Con," created from scratch throughout the rehearsal process under the leadership of director Jen Wineman and designer Melissa Trn.

SquidShow is known for its original site-specific work and is thrilled to be using the historic Nugget Theatre, putting a live show back in what was once a storied vaudeville house.

Free and open to the general public – except for kiddos. Not appropriate.

To miss "Con" would be to rip yourself off.

Reserve a date:sashaello@gmail.com  or 970-708-3934.

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