Patagonia’s tribute to ambassador Bean Bowers

Patagonia’s tribute to ambassador Bean Bowers

Note: Our good friend, Bean, husband to beautiful Helen, son of good friend Ed Bowers – now deceased – and Jane Bowers, nephew of longtime, old time Telluride locals Jim and Kathy Bowers, crossed from this world to the next last Sunday, July 9, 2011 in Santa Fe, NM. I’m posting this tribute from the good folks at Patagonia, where Bean served as one of their highly honored ambassadors, along with his bio – written by the man himself – which also appears on the website. Blessings and peace…cz***

Bean Bowers

It is with profound sadness and respect that we share news of the passing of our friend and ambassador, Bean Bowers, after his six-month battle with cancer. Our thoughts and prayers are with Bean’s wife, Helen, and his family. Friends and loved ones have teamed up to help the Bowers with the enormous financial burdens of cancer treatment by starting a website

Bean BowersI squirmed out of the womb at 8,770 feet in Southwest Colorado, and have always been drawn to that environment – the high mountains that is, not necessarily the womb. Growing up skiing, building snow caves, and hiking around in the krummholz and tundra, left their mark; I knew that was where I would spend my life.

Climbing started as means to get to the top, but has morphed into an end in and of itself. The heart-pounding rhythm of breaking trail, countered by the delicate sequence of a hard rock climb; the exhilaration of knowing that letting go will result in a hospital stay countered by the bond shared between two climbing partners; these are but a few of alpinism’s great rewards and contradictions.

Climbing has been a great vehicle for my continued learning, leading me to grow through experiences like teaching for the National Outdoor Leadership School (NOLS) and encountering the gracious culture of Pakistan and the open-armed inclusiveness of Argentina. It has also brought me up against my mortality and expanded my humility. Alpine rock and steep, deep powder are what I seek, and I will always find solace there.

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