Cooking With the Season: Spicing Up Your Telluride Farmers' Market Meals

Cooking With the Season: Spicing Up Your Telluride Farmers' Market Meals

by Emily Brendler Shoff

#1: Learn How to Make Thailandaise with Siam’s chef, Jeff Badger

(ed. note: Emily begins a new series on Telluride Inside… and Out, featuring local chefs working with the bounty of the Friday Telluride Farmers' Market, and the Mountain Village Wednesday market. Be sure to watch the video at the end of the post.)

I love summer in Telluride. I love watching the snowmelt into tiny threads on the trails. I love the transformation from mud to wildflowers. And I love the Telluride Farmers' Market.

To me, the Telluride Farmers' Market screams life. The colors and smells of the market have a way of seducing me. Indeed, after only a few strolls up and down Oak Street, my basket is always overflowing. It’s only then that I realize I’ve done it again: I’ve bought far more ingredients than I know what to do with.

So what can we do with the bounty at the market? This summer and fall, I’ll be interviewing local chefs and posting their ideas here. While their recipes may not always use strictly local ingredients, their dishes and sauces will hopefully inspire us all to dive into bounty of summer and cook up some fabulous meals.

Take for example, Jeff Badger, owner and chef of Siam. In this short video, he teaches us how to make Thailandaise sauce, a Thai variation on hollandaise sauce. This simple sauce can be drizzled over grilled fish and vegetables alike, both of which can be purchased at the market. When in season, asparagus is also a natural fit.  


3 eggs
1 lime
4 T sherry
1 T sugar
Pinch of salt
3-4 T coconut milk
1 stick of butter

Whisk 3 eggs, juice of 1 lime, sherry, sugar, and coconut milk together. Set aside. Heat 1 stick of butter in a saucepan on low heat or in a double boiler.  Add egg mixture to pan, lifting and swirling the sauce with a rubber spatula so that the eggs don’t set. After a few minutes, the sauce will become the consistency of gravy. Pour into a dish and serve warm.


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