Anthem rocks Telluride's Opera House Sunday, 7/10, with 1970s sounds

Anthem rocks Telluride's Opera House Sunday, 7/10, with 1970s sounds

Telluride's historic Sheridan Opera House welcomes Anthem, a 70s classic rock experience.

Anthem2 The band pays homage to the music of the decade that one historian (Bruce J. Schulman in "The Seventies: The Great Shift in American Culture, Society and Politics") argues began January 1968 with the Tet offensive in Vietnam and ended in November 1984, the month Ronald Reagan was elected to a second term as President. The 1970s really need a voice like Schulman's. Why? Because of the 1960s, an undisputed turning point in American history. Perhaps a band like Anthem helps get past the stigma of the Pinto on the gas line, a symbol of the era. The 1970s was, after all, one of the most competitive and romantic period in rock 'n roll history.

Anthem is the ultimate 1970s tribute band, selecting songs based upon their ground-breaking influence during the period, covering tunes from artists ranging from Eton John and David Bowie to Lynyrd Skynyrd and Led Zeppelin. So if you missed Robert Plant at Telluride Bluegrass, don't miss Anthem.

Anthem's show is performed in synch to a video filled with an array of live performance clips, visual effects and other powerful images, that tell a "story" about each song.

Follow this link for a preview of the group in performance.

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