Telluride Wine Fest: Erich Owen of Chop House co-hosts Thursday luncheon

Telluride Wine Fest: Erich Owen of Chop House co-hosts Thursday luncheon

[click “Play”, Chef Erich Owen talks with Susan]


Erich-owen-pensive Since 2008, Erich Owen has worked as the Executive Chef of The Chop House at Telluride’s historic New Sheridan Hotel. His New American cuisine emphasizes quality fresh ingredients impeccably prepared with a light, deft touch in the French tradition for a simple but always elegant presentation. If you are a patron of the 30th annual Telluride Wine Festival, the proof of Erich’s skills will be in the pudding – or whatever it is he prepares for the kick-off luncheon. Chef Erich Owen co-hosts the Telluride Wine Festival opening feast, Thursday, June 23, 11:30 a.m – 1:30 p.m. And that’s big news. Here’s why.

In the art world, there is a reflex known as The Cultural Cringe, an assumption that whatever anyone does in the arts – and we include the food arts here – is not validated until judged by those in the know from outside your world. We cry “foul.”

Just look around: Telluride twins with talent, including our chefs. And, as regular patrons of the Chop House (ourselves included) know, at the top of that list is Erich Owen. Erich needs no validation from the Outside, but he got some neverthless in the form of a coveted invitation from the Telluride Wine Festival to team up for the signature luncheon with renowned sommeliers Doug Frost, MS, MW and Steve Olson, aka wine geek, also Telluride Wine Festival co-director and Master of Ceremonies of the event.

Steve sent Erich guidelines for the meal, meant to set the standard of excellence for the other food and wine events that follow through the weekend. To complement top tier Greek wines featured at the luncheon Steve suggested four courses, starting with pre-plated fish to pair with “relatively high acid white wines.” For the main course, Steve wrote:

“Absolutely should be meat, but if you prefer you could keep it on the rich but “whiter” side. (Pork would be cool, veal is okay. Thinking of that amazing chop you do.) If you want to go dark, however, the meat should be stewed or roasted, like maybe your short rib, although if you really want to work with Colorado Elk or lamb, that would definitely work.”
Dessert was left open to Erich’s whim.

Your mouth watering yet?

Curious about Erich Owen’s response to Steve Olson’s parameters? Want to know more about the chef’s food philosophy? Just click the “play” button and listen to Erich’s interview.

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