Telluride Playwrights Festival: An "Evening Of Gossip"

kicker: at Telluride's Steaming Bean Wednesday, June 8, 2011, 8 pm

Don'tChat_Gossipingbordersontreason Is gossip good or bad for the soul? Does it lengthen your life or shorten it?  The Telluride Playwrights Festival explores what exactly is the nature of gossip and why do we so like to gossip? Where does gossip end and propaganda begin?

A group of local actors explore the subject, taking their clue from the Bible to Shakespeare to Star Magazine.  In addition, local writers such as Bob Rubadeau, Jeff Price, Rob Schultheis, Devin McCarthy, John Sutcliffe all have something interesting to say on the subject.
The Telluride Playwrights Festival brings playwrights and actors to town once a year to explore and workshop new plays by acclaimed playwrights from all over the country.  This year, the Playwrights Festival has decided to expand the spirit of the Festival, which starts mid-July, to an early beginning on  Wednesday, June 8.

“The festival explores thought-provoking issues through plays and now we’re doing the same thing with, monologues and short stories revolving around a large subject ," explains Jennie Franks, founder and artistic director, Telluride Playwrights Festival."The evening will be hilarious as well as serious. We’ll have some celebrity gossip, political gossip, historic gossip, and of course, there is no way you can do an evening of gossip without including one of our favorite sports here – local gossip.”
The event doubles as a "teaser" to the Telluride Playwrights Festival, which kicks off July 13 with a PLAYSLAM at the Steaming Bean, an evening when locals can meet actors and playwrights and read their own work or have one of the performers read it for them.  

"We have an exciting Festival planned this year, with informal readings to staged readings to a production of a new play called "Forgiving John Lennon," continued Jennie. "Not to missed as it will be sure to generate a lot of discussion, which is what we're about – dialogue. Dialogue between actors and dialogue with the audience. Generating discussion in the community that may or may not lead to some gossiping!"

For more info, please go to website and join Telluride Playwrights Festival Fan Page.

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