Barbara Heinrich's sparkling spirals at Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, 7/1

Barbara Heinrich's sparkling spirals at Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, 7/1

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Barbara Heinrich, #3 Telluride Gallery of Fine Art jeweler Barbara Heinrich grew up on a farm in Heilbronn, Germany, the daughter of winemakers. Her designs reflect her roots. The award-winning gold bling is inspired by the natural world, but anchored in German precision engineering: Milky Way, lotus flower, aspen leaves are among the shapes that have inspired her lines – and legions of collectors – over the years, but this year’s motif takes the cake. The spiral is a pan-sectarian shape that belongs to us all and excludes no one.

Our tiny planet whirls around in a galaxy that is the shape of a spiral. In ancient myths, the spiral emerges as positive symbol of the cosmic force. The shape is associated with the cycles of time, the seasons, birth, life and death and rebirth. The path of life is a spiral, because it is non-linear: we pass ourselves time and again, but each time from a different perspective.

Barbara Heinrich’s collection of sparkling spiraling rings, earrings, bracelets and necklaces opens at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art on Friday, July 1.

Since opening her studio in upstate New York in the 1980s, Barbara has emerged as the golden girl, racking up coveted awards for her signature designs. In 2002, she was singled out as one of only five living artists featured in a major exhibit, “Pearl,” produced by New York’s Museum of Natural History, a show that traveled the globe. In May 2009, she took Best of Gold at the 2009 Couture Design Awards for a collar of gold leaves and diamonds. And a Heinrich original just took 1st place in Gold Distinction at the 2011 MJSA Vision Awards.

The MJSA prize-winner was an 18 karat yellow gold Blossom Brooch that could also be worn as a hairpiece or pendant. The piece, featuring 120 individual elements in the design, including 14 diamonds (total carat weight of O.21cts.), was based on the principal of the spiral.

To learn more about Barbara Heinrich’s history as a jewelry designer, click on this link: /2008/12/jeweler-barbara-heinrich-returns-to-telluride-gallery-of-fine-art.html.

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