Voices Of Telluride: Water In Peru

Renny Engbring, Sara Friedberg, Alicia DuPont, Keaton McCargo


Before leaving for Peru, we became interested in studying the importance of clean water in different communities. We gathered shots and interviews from people and places around Telluride. Next, we began researching the water quality of cities in Peru. During the trip, we filmed and interviewed locals. Our video, a compilation of those images and interviews, evaluates Telluride’s watershed and compares it to watersheds in Peru.


This spring, Telluride Mountain School's high school traveled to Peru. Each student selected a topic to investigate such as water, nutrition and public health and produced the following videos. Check out their amazing work.

Telluride Inside… and Out is pleased to provide a platform for these young people. This video on Water and the one on Nutrition for Children in Peru we felt were appropriate to complement our Mountainfilm coverage.


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