Telluride Off-season: Coming Home

Telluride Off-season: Coming Home

Telluride, Spring after the storm Let's get it out from the beginning: I never leave Telluride because I'VE JUST GOT TO GET OUT OF THE BOX CANYON! I leave because I haven't seen family for a while, or maybe there's someplace else calling me. I made my living traveling, and if it weren't for those other factors, I'd be content to stay right here, and that goes double for off season. Susan and I spent some time with daughter Kimm and family in Denver after the lifts closed, were home for a few days, then flew East to catch up with her parents in New Jersey, then with Kjerstin and family in Pittsburgh.

So it was sweet to be home Sunday night after over three weeks on the road. Monday was another Spring storm, with lots of new snow on the peaks around town. This morning came on clear, an open invitation to take a run in the hills right around our house.

My sea-level lungs complained a bit, but it felt good, and as I took in the beauty around me, I thought as I so often have: It's good to be home!

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