Telluride Institute News: The Wishing Well is Back!

Telluride Institute News: The Wishing Well is Back!

Bridal Veil Living Classroom Director,
Alessandra Jacobson, with the Wishing Well

We are pleased to announce the return of the Wishing Well! Long term locals will remember the fund-raising successes of the Well when it was planted in Elk’s park to help with the purchase of the Valley Floor. More recently, the Well was anchored near the Beach at Mountain Village where it attracted coinage for the Green Gondola campaign organized by Ben Williams. The Wishing Well aptly illustrates how big projects can be accomplished bit by bit.

The Wishing Well was commissioned by the Telluride Institute and was originally built by the late Glenn Harcourt, Rodney Porsche, and other Steep Rock Joinery and Atlas Arkology members. It is hand crafted from a length of antique, 3 foot diameter, riveted culvert pipe. Heavy hewn timbers provide a frame for signage. Hi tech bullet proof glass seals the top of the cylinder. Donation slots were cut with a torch into the side of the Well. 

Telluride Institute’s many projects as well as other worthy causes will benefit from donations to the Well. For its latest iteration, the Well will be used to raise much needed funds for the Bridal Veil Living Classroom. This is the fourth year that the Bridal Veil Living Classroom (BVLC) is being made available to the region’s sophomore and junior high school students. This is a dual accredited intensive summer science program offered every other summer, free of charge, by the Telluride Institute. For more information about the BVLC summer science intensive, check out the Telluride Institute’s website pages:

Those interested in applying to Bridal Veil Living Classroom, gaining more information, or making a donation to the program, should visit and click on Programs, or contact program director, Alessandra Jacobson, at (970)729-1737. For those interested in donating to BVLC via the Wishing Well, look for the Well on the south side of Colorado Avenue (Main Street), three doors west of Fir Street in front of Old World Flowers.

Got any spare change?

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