Telluride's Young People's Theater performs "Toyland"

Telluride's Young People's Theater performs "Toyland"

kicker: shows 6 p.m. nightly April 29 – May 1

SAF Tshirt 2011 Z Eddie, Betty, and Rosco are a bunch of boring, unimaginative  Telluride kids. They text each other. They play video games. They even watch the microwave.  But all of that changes the day they're visited by a group of Fantastic Superheroes from an amazing and mystical land…Toyland.

Written and directed by the Artistic Director of the Sheridan Arts Foundation's Young People's Theater, Jennifer Nyman-Julia, "Adventures in Toyland" depicts how every kid's fantasy comes to life with a colorful world of talking toys and exciting adventures. 

Join the kids as they travel through Toyland, meeting up with a karate-chopping band of Commando Barbies, an adorable gang of Dancing Dolls, and even some Bullying Clowns that are finally taught a lesson. Sing and dance along to fun-loving and unexpected tunes such as "Magic To Do", "Get Happy" and even "Ice, Ice, Baby"!

"Adventures in Toyland" is an hour-long musical show with colorful costumes and sets that make it an ideal theatrical experience for small children. The show is performed by 31 local students, grades 3-5. With a thematic emphasis on the power of kindness and imagination,  it is a story that both parents and children will love

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