Telluride author Bob Rubadeau wins big at EVVY Awards

Telluride author Bob Rubadeau wins big at EVVY Awards

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Gatsby Author Photo Dexterity distinguishes Tellurider R. J. Rubadeau from previous award-winning authors. Rubadeau was selected for high honors in both the fiction and the non-fiction categories, when the Colorado Independent Publishers Association announced the results of its 2011 EVVY Book Award competition  in Denver on March 17.

“This talented Colorado writer gave all of us serving on the awards committee a memorable glimpse into his exciting real life as a professional sailor, and a madcap romp through his Rocky Mountain hometown with his alter-ego detective,” said Ravi Snow-Egger, CIPA/EVVY Awards Chair.

Bound For Roque Island: Sailing Maine and the World, published by Bascom Hill, November 2010, was chosen as the 1st Place winner in the Autobiography genre. A mutinous family on a “Shanghai” to remote Roque Island in the Bay of Fundy provides a pivotal personal journey for all aboard. It is a bumpy and hilarious voyage as this long-time sailing writer fetches up on the reefs of adulthood.

Gatsby’s Last Resort: A Telluride Murder Mystery, published by Beacon Hill Publishers, December, 2010 won the second highest prize awarded in the fiction competition. As in “Roque Island,” the ride is wild and wooly as Rubeadau reworks F. Scott Fitzgerald’s 1920’s mob of style, privilege, loose morals and money in a Telluride, Colorado setting.

Telluride is world-class ski resort of exclusive trophy homes, priceless views, and eight-figure real estate deals, breeds a new Lost Generation. Any attempt to commercialize or infringe on the pristine ambiance of this small mountain town’s undeveloped open space is likely to get you killed or worse. A page-turner, “Gatsby” is New Age detective fiction loaded with glitz, guns, sex, mysterious red heads, dead writers, cows, and a spoiled Rocky Mountain community full of edgy characters we all love to hate.

R. J. Rubadeau is an award-winning author, columnist and poet. His career as a professional blue water sailor has been chronicled in nearly 100 articles published over four decades in the world’s sailing periodicals. Rubadeau honed his communication and writing skills in various shoreside occupations: university lecturer, grant writer, newspaper columnist, politician, speech-writer for an Alaskan governor (No, not that one!), public policy analyst, and 30 years as a professional political strategist. Rubadeau and his wife Mary, best friends and partners since their teens, live with their horses and a menagerie of animals at 10,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains near the town of Telluride, Colorado.

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