Telluride-based New Community Coalition hosts GBR #15, April 1, Library

Telluride-based New Community Coalition hosts GBR #15, April 1, Library

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GB #15 Poster What if we bring back the horse & buggy to Telluride? On second thought, the idea does not make horse sense because horses emit carbon out their exhaust pipes, just like cars.

According to The New Community Coalition, 40 percent of our carbon footprint in San Miguel County comes from the way we move from one place to another, primarily driving personal cars and trucks. By carpooling, using public buses, bikes, skis, roller blades, and plain old walking we drastically reduce that impact and save money. Talk about a win/win. (For the record, TNCC has taken some steps towards addressing local transportation challenges by resurrecting its Telluride Townies bike share program in cooperation with the Wilkinson Public Library.)

Just in time for spring break, Friday, April 1, 8:30 a.m., Telluride-based The New Community Coalition present Green Business Roundtable #15. The event takes place at the five-star Wilkinson Public Library and targets regional transportation and carbon offsets.

Representatives from a Regional Transit Advisory Committee plan to be on hand to address challenges and opportunities around transportation and carbon impact and also map out plans for future transportation needs. TNCC also plans to provide information about how travelers can offset their travel and take advantage of local carbon offset programs such as TNCC's Green Fund, the Green Gondola Campaign or Colorado Carbon Fund.

GBR #15 is free and open to the public, although donations are gratefully accepted. Breakfast is served, so please RSVP by 3 p.m. March 31 to be sure TNCC orders enough food.

For more information contact 970-728-1340 or or visit:   

Among the speakers for GBR #15 is Jenny Patterson, chairperson, San Miguel County Transit Advisory Committee. To learn more about GBR #15 from the horse's mouth, click the "play" button and listen to Jenny's interview.

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