Telluride's Christ Church: Lent

[click “Play” to hear Susan speaking with Rev. Pat Bailey about Easter and Lent]


Thompson_church%20door_small Reverend Pat Bailey of Telluride’s Christ Church poses a question: What comes to mind when you hear the the term “Lent?” If your knee jerk response is stuff that collects in the screen of your dryer read on.

“In the Christian calendar,” Pat explains, “Lent is a season of reflection and self-examination leading up to the celebration of Easter.  The Lenten Season lasts for forty days, from Ash Wednesday (this year, March 9 ) to the Saturday before Easter (April 24), 40 days not counting Sundays, considered the Sundays ‘in’ Lent, not the Sundays ‘of’ Lent.  In other words, Sundays offer a break from the fasting and other devotional practices traditionally observed during Lent.”

To learn more, click the “play” and listen to a fuller explanation from Pat.

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