Telluride Institute News: Navajo Camp

Telluride Institute News: Navajo Camp


Navajo Camp, hosted regionally for the first time this summer, is the product of a new partnership between the Telluride Institute, Diné College, and the University of Colorado, Boulder. Scheduled for July 9th through July 16th, 2011, Diné College will be bringing around 25 middle school students from the Navajo Reservation to the Telluride region for a week-long, place-based, educational camp focused on the surrounding watersheds and featuring local experts and educators. Diné College runs summer camps in Arizona each year, but this is their first camp in the Telluride region.  Telluride Institute is assisting with local logistics, coordination of local experts, campsites, field trips, and curriculum. UC Boulder is providing financial support, curriculum guidance, and guest educators. Diné College is also planning for a US Forestry component since the camp is partially funded by the USFS.

If you are interested in volunteering time for this event, please contact Dan Collins, President of the Board of Trustees, Telluride Institute, via email at

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Dan Collins, President, Board of Trustees, Telluride Institute
Kate Tallerday, Telluride Institute Navajo Camp Coordinator

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