Last First Thursday Art Walk in Telluride this week, 3/3

Last First Thursday Art Walk in Telluride this week, 3/3

Hockney art prints 1
Hockney prints at TGFA

Telluride’s First Thursday Art Walk is a monthly meet-and-greet, an invitation to locals and guests to find out more about Telluride’s vibrant cultural scene. Art venues on or near Main Street (Colorado Avenue), as well as retail outlets stay open on that special night late until 8 p.m. Participating restaurants, including The Cosmopolitan, La Cocina de Luz, La Marmotte, The Llama, The New Sheridan Chop House and Pescado, offer Art Walk specials.

Thursday, March 3, is the last Art Walk of the winter season. We suggest the following line of march:


Begin at the Ah Haa School, 300 South Townsend, the old train depot, where paintings by Telluride local Ron Patterson are on display in the Daniel Tucker Gallery. The show, “Black & White in Colors” is a testimony to positive relationships between people, people and animals, and people and the natural world. The artist expresses the essence of these strong bonds through bright, warm color, dynamic composition, and strong brushstrokes. Patterson is part of Amy Schilling’s stable at Schilling Studio Gallery.

Gold by Gurhan
Gold by Gurhan

Now head into the heart of town, where the remaining venues are clustered. On Pine Street, stop by Aromatherapy to view the work of Doina Cazacu, guitar music and a glass of champagne. On that same block, visit Lustre, an Artisan Gallery, for a trunk show of the luxurious 24K gold jewelry by Gurhan.

“Gurhan is unique in his use of 24-karat gold, which is often considered too soft a metal to manipulate. After spending 18 months closeted in a small workshop in Istanbul’s Grand Bazaar, Gurhan rediscovered ancient metalsmithing techniques, some over 7000 years old, and improved upon them: pure gold is hand-worked, aged through a heating process, and given a stable form, resulting in a beautiful work of art,” said Christine Reich, co-owner of Lustre.

Next door to Lustre is Amy Schilling’s gallery, hosting a show of Patrick Kemal Pryor, an environmental engineer, outdoor science educator, real estate agent, general contractor, and vineyard worker, whose shown at art fairs from New York to Switzerland.

“Everything I do now is something that I did as a child – only now I do it bigger. I work with abstract, yet recognizable forms that are familiar, conjure memories, or hold power. I find myself drawn to physical structure and I am interested in spontaneous immediate compositions,” explained the artist. “I have no patience for anything requiring tedious labor.”

Now head over to Fir Street, where Telluride’s Stronghouse Studios are located. The space is run by the Telluride Council for the Arts & Humanities, (aka, telluride.arts), which founded Art Walk three years ago and hosts the event. The photography of Joe Kalsky is featured.

Walk to Main Street or Colorado Avenue next, where vintage posters by world-renowned artist David Hockney are on display and Wine Mine offers a wine tasting at the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art, 130 East Colorado.

Now cross the street and visit three venues on the north side of the street. La Cocina de Luz is showing the work of Kellie Day, an illustrator and graphic designer, who also enjoys exploring mixed meia and watercolor, the effects of letterpress and show graphic design mixes with fine art to communicate a message. Gallerie Framing is showing landscape photography by long-time Telluride resident/producer and videographer, Dean Rolley.

After all that walking and wine tasting, finish Art Walk at The Bean for a cup of java and to check out new work by another Telluride local, known primary by his initials, MD, for Mike Doherty Famous Artist.

Free Art Walk brochures are available at any participating venue, plus our hotels and coffee shops if you want to define your own line of march.

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