"Elephant Revival" featured at Telluride's Opera House Spring Break weekend

"Elephant Revival" featured at Telluride's Opera House Spring Break weekend

 Nederland meets Telluride when the neo-acoustic quintet known as "Elephant Revival" returns to town for an encore performance at the Sheridan Opera House. The event takes place Saturday, March 19, 9 p.m. and is part of Spring Fever Weekend at the historic venue. Tickets are $23/show or $33 for a two-day pass that includes a concert on Sunday featuring The Infamous Stringdusters.

Telluride Inside… and Out arrived early to the Mountain Village Ballroom (formerly the Telluride Conference Center) for the "Elephant Revival's" KOTO debut late February. The first melodic notes registered like young love: warm and tender. Here were new arrivals on the music scene that eschewed skin and razzamatazz, flashy clothes and fancy dance steps, dazzling instead with instrumental virtuosity, rich harmonies and memorable lyrics. If you missed them the first time, don't make that mistake this time. The Elephant in the room is for sure worth your attention.

Telluride Inside… and Out interviewed three members of "Elephant Revival" on the group's first visit to town. Click on this link to listen: https://www.tellurideinside.com/2011/02/elephantrevival_leftoversalmon_telluride_koto-fundraiser.html


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