Dispatch: Ski the Himalayas, Season 3, Episode 9

Dispatch: Ski the Himalayas, Season 3, Episode 9

ed. note: Our friend, Ben Clark sends along this post and link to Ski the Himalayas video.

Ski the Himalayas is now in it's third season of online "making of" podcast episodes born out of Ski the Himalayas' first two feature length documentary films available this year on Dish Network and Comcast Xfinity VOD and Pay Per View. Look for Ski the Himalayas 2 on Dish and Comcast Xfinity on May 1st. We climbed a peak and survived an avalanche, those were just two instances along the way… 

Trimming through hours of footage captured across three different expeditions after having lived them, the depth of gratitude for the experiences we've had and continue to plan is astounding.  We are thankful and we are moving forward with two more Himalayan expeditions this year.  Two more films and two more seasons of making of episodes.  Who knows how many ski turns and ice tool swings that equates to, we hope it is a lot. This spring we will dispatch from the Ganesh Himal, stay tuned at www.skithehimalayas.com

It hasn't been easy, we have clawed our way up from dirtbags to professionals and yet still stayed clear of temptation…well, of the kind that would interfere with skiing powder and climbing peaks at least 'til we're 35. I'm glad I got involved in making films to share our experiences over the years because we loved living them and I love getting to bring them home to my friends and an audience. That is my career choice, to see the world through a lens, it doesn't hold me back when I go up high so naturally I want to take it to those amazing places too, they are unique moments I wish to never forget.  Mostly, this e-mail is to just give you some parts of the stories that we have found had some impact over the last few years in online based reach, because we like listening to our audience Jon and I thought you might enjoy their picks.
Episodes that have seen strong viewership are available at the links below.  Thanks for your support over the years, I hope if you never watched any that you will watch some of these.  We had a real blast making them and look forward to our next series when Season 3 ends in three weeks in time for the premiere of Ski The Himalayas 2.
Current episode: Season 3, Episode 9:  (for travelers)
Season 3, Episode 7: (Unforgettable cultural encounter)
Season 2 Episode 11: (Sweet aerial footage of the high Himalayas)
Season 2 Episode 8:  (climbing footage)
Trailer for Ski the Himalayas 2:

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