"Burlesque": a fundraiser for Telluride's SquidShow Theatre, 3/25

"Burlesque": a fundraiser for Telluride's SquidShow Theatre, 3/25

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Burlesque poster “Burlesque” is adult entertainment. No one under the age of 21 admitted.

Telluride’s SquidShow Theatre is known for no-holds-barred entertainment. But the company’s next production definitely pushes the envelope. And the hips…

Daring. Sexy. Scandelous. The words sum up Telluride’s SquidShow Theatre’s  latest show: “Burlesque.” The first-time event, a fundraiser for the company, takes place Friday, March 25, 8 p.m., at the historic Sheridan Opera House.

In a variation on the theme of “The Fully Monty, you’ll see guys doing “boylesque.”  Then there is a guy dressed – then undressed – as a gal. “Burlesque” also features Squid regulars, founder Sasha Cuciniello and regular Dahlia Mertens; Melissa Sumpter, a guest from Salt Fire Circus of Durango; plus graduates of the Ah Haa School for the Arts’ burlesque class: Honey Box Canyon, Miss Lickety Split,  Cookie, Sally Sinnamon and more.

“I thought for sure we’d have four, maybe five ladies from the class,” said Sasha. “When the ladies came in with their routine last week, however, each one was AMAZING and  volunteered to do the show. And as I watched our first run through last Saturday, I was in awe: the creativity, dedication, talent and willingness to give all blew my mind. My students pushed me to do the best I can do in my own routine.”

To listen to Sasha talked about her Ah Haa class, follow this link: /2011/03/sasha-and-the-squids-present-burlesque-at-tellurides-opera-house.html

For a sneak peak of “Burlesque,” click the “play” button and listen to Sasha’s interview.

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