Tools for Telluride living: Vibram FiveFinger shoes

Tools for Telluride living: Vibram FiveFinger shoes

 OK, I’m a little nuts, but I’ve found another way living in Telluride is enhanced by my Vibram FiveFinger shoes. I bought my FiveFinger KSOs last Fall (they are now available at Jagged Edge in beautiful downtown Telluride) and I’ve run in them, kayaked in them, hiked all over Crete in them, worn them around the house.

Now I’ve found one more use for the FiveFinger shoes: cleaning accessory.

Here’s the set-up: one house with several area rugs; one dog named Gina who is constantly shedding hair, in spite of vigorous grooming daily; enter one man wearing FiveFinger KSOs. I’m not saying we should give up the central vacuum system, but…

For illustration, check out the video.

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