Telluride's Jagged Edge: Fast and Light

Telluride's Jagged Edge: Fast and Light

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TLT-5-Carbon In this cyber age, man and machine are more closely aligned than at any time in history. According to Erik Dalton of Telluride’s Jagged Edge, the ongoing trend in outdoor gear suggests a close and personal relationship with a Lotus Elise: fast and light.

Over the last few years, the push for lighter and faster gear that is still durable enough to use and abuse has been driven by consumers. Backcountry skiing, snowshoeing, trail running or winter camping, consumers have said they want to be able to go farther with less or lighter gear, allowing everyone to enjoy the journey rather than worry about the weight on their backs.

Finally manufacturers have taken the cotton out of their ears and are responding, particularly at houses like Dynafit, Treksta, Ortovox, and Jetboil, who are leading the pack.

To get more specifics, click the “play” button and listen to Erik’s rap.

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