Telluride Institute News: Snowshoe Overnight

Telluride Institute News: Snowshoe Overnight

Students from the 2010 Snowshoe Overnight brave the elements at 11,000 Ft.

February 10, 2011

Telluride Institute's Watershed Education Program (WEP) is launching the first annual Nucla Middle School Snowshoe Overnight this week from February 10th to 11th!  WEP will be conducting this program in collaboration with Cindy Farny, owner and operator of the High Camp Hut, and through a generous donation from the Lifton-Zoline Family Foundation.  The program is offered free of charge to ten carefully selected middle schoolers from the West End School district.  The students will be accompanied by West End teachers Stacie Schoppman and Vicki Phelps, as well as WEP instructor and program director, Laura Kudo.  The program includes an intensive snow science and safety course conducted by Mark Frankmann of Telluride Helitrax.

The students will begin their journey with a 2.5 mile snowshoe through the subalpine forest off of Lizard Head Pass to an elevation of over 11,000ft.  Once they reach the High Camp Hut, they will melt snow for water on the wood burning stove (the source of heat and water for the cabin), learn the environmental "friendliness" of a composting toilet, prepare meals together, sled and build snow forts, create high mountain Haiku poems, and participate in team building excercises…all while having FUN!  A highlight will be the snow science and safety sessions with Mark Frankmann, a snow and avalanche expert from Telluride Helitrax.  Students will dig snow pits and analyze the snowpack, look at snow crystals through a scope, learn about avalanche awareness, and even build their own snow mountain, complete with avalanche paths.  WEP intends for this type of programming to be thoroughly enriching and pertinent to students’ life experiences and future stewards of the region in which we live and play.  All of the programming for this project aligns with Colorado State Standards in Science, Language Arts, Geography, and Physical Education.

For more information on this and other WEP programs, please contact Laura Kudo at  To learn more about the Telluride Institute, visit our website at:

Laura Kudo, M.A.
Watershed Education Program Director
A Program of the Telluride Institute

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