Longtime local Johnnie Stevens goes national

Longtime local Johnnie Stevens goes national

Johnnie img366 (5) Longtime Telluride local Johnnnie Stevens is on a roll. His weekly Ski into History tours, every Monday, starting at 10 a.m. at The Peaks light up the phone lines at the Telluride Historical Museum, the tour sponsor. And now, national TV ramps up his celebrity.

"I was approached by an individual associated with ABC News out of Los Angeles when the station decided to do a short segment on Telluride. The rep got my name from the Telluride Historical Museum and Tom Watkinson from Telski," explained Stevens.

In addition to Johnnie's segment, which focuses on mining, "Good Morning America" features Roudy Roudebush riding his horse into the Sheridan bar, a helicoptor ride over the region, the Idarado MIne, and random town shots.

 "Good Morning America" meets Telluride airs Sunday, Feb 6, 2011." Check it out: Along with Johnnie, if you were on Main Street when ABC was shooting, you might experience your own 15 seconds of fame.


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