Alacazem 2011.02.17

Alacazem 2011.02.17

February 17 to 24, 2011
Visible Planets: Morning: Venus  Evening: Jupiter

Radical Breakthroughs and Revolutionary Awakenings

MermaidStones A rather unusual planetary gathering takes place this week in the late degrees of air Aquarius. The early hours of February 18th bring us the fruition of the February 2nd Candelmas/Groundhog Day/Chinese Lunar Year New Moon at 29º Leo/Aquarius. Then, during the afternoon and early evening of February 20th, Mercury, Mars and Neptune conjoin at 28º Aquarius, delivering an extra-powerful cosmic punch of the characteristically unpredictable and enigmatic Aquarian energy that often manifests in a snap-crackle-pop kind of way, resulting in radical breakthroughs and revolutionary awakenings. You may suddenly perceive the world differently, as if you are looking for the first time through a multi-dimensional lens of colliding colors and depths, allowing you to really see. Other people and relationships – social and intellectual connections – play starring roles in the pantheon of energy, experience and information that presents itself this week. We are being asked to combine intuition and compassion with intelligence and emotional detachment when it comes to anything and everything involving ego, self will and self-importance – yours or anyone else’s. This is a highly evolved and difficult to negotiate assignment that must be taken with an open mind, a courageous heart and a healthy dose of humility. Otherwise, we may find ourselves dazed, confused, hurt and humiliated, raging at the wind or angry at the world.

Iguana1 The good news of this wild and wacky configuration is the message that everything – planets, people, plants, animals, oceans, emotions, thoughts and ideas, words and deeds are all interconnected and intertwined in a cosmic dance of give and take, stop and go, war and peace, love and fear. The energy we put out as individuals affects the whole; we are not alone on this earth, in this galaxy or universe, on this block or in the neighborhood. Each of us has to choose – good or bad, positive, negative, toxic or tonic? So, here we are, today – now – looking in the mirror and seeing, perhaps for the first time. What do you see and how do you choose?

Aries (Mar. 20-Apr.19)
Poignant ends and powerful new beginnings continue as the Chinese New Year lunar month comes to fruition at 29º Aquarius. You may see some of your most cherished hopes and dreams change in scope and size as you move in the groove of the present.  Millennial motion is a theme now and giving your special gifts to the collective brings great rewards.

Taurus (Apr. 20-May 20)
Major, major emphasis in late degree Aquarius focuses great attention on professional goals, social standing and personal achievements. Others are watching and it’s imperative to do the absolute best you can. Refrain from harsh judgments of yourself and others, however, as one’s personal best changes from time to time and it’s really all about effort. Be cool.

Gemini (May 21-June 21)
Some very important spiritual possibilities and realities come to a head as several planets join force in late Aquarius. This is a time of great epiphany and breakthrough as long as you let go of attachments, detach from outcomes and entrain with the universal flow. Listen to the wind, look for omens, hear the messages and read the writing on the wall.

Cancer (June 21-July 22)
Many planets gather in opposition to the Moon this week and, in the process, Moonchildren discover just how deeply involved they are with others. Your most intimate relationships are being exposed, examined and enlightened. Remain open to all possibilities and close no doors when it comes to sharing. Just maintain those healthy boundaries.
Leo (July 23-Aug.22)
It’s as if you’re being called upon to join a fellowship or enlist in an enlightened brotherhood or sisterhood. Shake hands, embrace friends and remain open to all possibilities in relationship as you move forward toward your future in the vibrant present – one moment at a time. Life is often a recollection but you are requested to be here now. Carpe diem.

Virgo (Aug. 23-Sep.22)
Before the Sun crosses over into the numinous waters of Pisces and its oceans of emotion, check in with your heart and head. Internal dialogues may be brutal and need to be cleansed. Are you feeding your mind with toxic thoughts or cultivating nurturing, healing feelings in your heart? The cosmos are calling you to stay present, focus on one thing at a time and finish what you start.  Self-improvement is the golden key. Use it.
Libra (Sep. 23-Oct.22)
Wild and wonderful creative impulse and ideas manifest as the mental Mercury and motivational, passionate Mars join force with ethereal Neptune and the Sun in your solar 5th house of personal inspiration and heart. Write, paint, draw, dance and sing. Embrace the universe and play with the stars. Romance and love inspire artistic expression. Enjoy life!

Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 22)
Domestic life, family relationships and your immediate physical environment play with your heart and head as planetary power gathers. Discuss emotions and feelings with those closest to you, take action regarding personal emotional health and let go of codependent behaviors regarding others. Cultivate faith, self-forgiveness and inner peace.

Sagittarius (Nov. 23-Dec. 20)
You may feel highly motivated to act upon thoughts and ideas this week. Just make sure you look before you leap. Perceptual antennas are tuned to celestial wavelengths and cosmic frequencies – be extra careful in the translation. Pay attention to synchronistic events and unusual circumstance as revolutionary information is being transmitted. Look and listen. 

Capricorn (Dec. 21-Jan. 19)
Personal responsibilities and resources play a major role in a week of evolutionary breakthrough regarding monetary income, security and stability. Utilize skills and natural abilities to create a more efficient and effective process of production. Letting go and going with the flow is powerful magic now. Focus on management rather than control.

Aquarius (Jan. 19-Feb. 18)
As Mercury, Mars, Neptune and the Sun oppose the Moon; take a good look at yourself and your actions. How are you feeling and what are you doing? How do you experience others and their reactions to your acts, words and deeds? This is an incredibly powerful week for self-reflection via the mirror of your relationships. Get out the Windex and take a look.

Pisces (Feb. 18-Mar. 20)
Angels, spirits and invisible forces dance and dine with you this week as planets shimmer and shine in your solar 12th house of the divine. Be extra cautious with your words and deeds. Take the spiritual oath to “do no harm” and travel the path of loving kindness and compassion. An impor
tant two-year cycle is ending. Focus on inner and outer peace.

Cynthia is a third generation astrologer living in the high mountain desert of the American Southwest. Visit her website @

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