Cupidgrams by Telluride's "Squids" for Valentine's Day

Cupidgrams by Telluride's "Squids" for Valentine's Day

[click “Play”, Sasha speaks with Susan about SquidShow]


Valentines Poster When is a “Squid” a Cupid? The answer has nothing to less to do with more arms to hold you and more to do with ties that bind.

Have you been married forever, but it feels like yesterday? Is your crush new and fresh or still hidden? Is your best friend down in the mouth and needing a quicker pick me up? Have Telluride’s Squids deliver the perfect Valentine’s Day tribute: a Squid Cupidgram. (The nonviolent troupe replaces arrows with wit.)

DPP_0001 Following the success of last year’s Cupidgrams, the “Squids” decided to make the February fundraiser an annual event in support of their edgy young theatre troupe.

Just for the record, in 2010, SquidShow produced one contemporary play, four original plays, one historical adaptation from non-fiction work, a short film, and conducted two very successful fundraisers. The company also continued its collaboration with local non-profits. A total of 1,609 patrons attended 20 performances.

“The energy and vibrancy of this company always compelled me to seek out their shows,” said Squidshow boardmember Suzanne Cheavens. “Offering this kind of contemporary, original theater for free is counter-intuitive on the face of it. But what happens is an amazing connection between audience and  players, one that builds incredible loyalty. And from that loyalty comes financial support, volunteer support and best of all, many new theater devotees.”

Here’s how a Cupidgram works. Choose from a menu of Cupids ranging from Economy Cupids ($35) to Specialty Cupids ($50) to the Cupid Crew ($100 – perfect for your office mates or work crew), then pick a theme (for example, show tunes or air guitar), a message, (“Marry me!” “Forgive me!” Guess who likes you!”). Telluride’s favorite Cupids will sing, lip synch, dance, read bad poetry, deliver flowers or chocolate, whatever your heart desires for the object of your desire, and deliver anywhere in Telluride, Mountain Village, even slopeside.

Call 970-708-1146 to order. Delivery is Friday, February 11 – Monday, February 14.

Click the “play” button to listen to Squids founder/director Sasha Cucinniello talk about the Squids and Cupidgrams based on some of the best ideas of 2010.

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