Winter in Telluride: Not just downhill skiing

Winter in Telluride: Not just downhill skiing

San Miguel at Society Turn, winter Think of Telluride in the winter and my bet is your first thoughts would be of vistas of nearby mountains from one of Telluride's beautiful ski runs. Or, perhaps, the joy of wind in your face arcing turns down those runs.

Gina, Elk Run All valid pictures of this place we call home. However, Gina the Dog would argue (she's good at that) that winter in Telluride for some of us might just be a brisk walk on a cold morning. She is a jock and needs her exercise. She gets cranky without it. It could be just a jaunt on the bike path down to Society Turn, with time to check out the ice on the river. Or on a beautiful Sunday like today, a special treat: going with us snowshoeing somewhere nearby. Today it was packing out a trail in Elk Run, with our friend Susan Dalton. Usually that would include a bunch of dogs, but today Gina was alone, queen of the hike.

Gina, resting Gina can be a bit territorial, so the freedom of running with little restriction is a pleasure for her. The snow was a bit deep off the trail, and she is not a big dog. Strong, but not big. So this afternoon, after returning home, she is taking her ease.

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