This week at Telluride's five-star Library

This week at Telluride's five-star Library

kicker: Mountainfilm in Telluride opens the week with Monday screenings

Gallery4_sm Mountainfilm in Telluride is sometimes in Telluride and only sometimes in May. Mountainfilm on Tour conducts programs around the country throughout the year. There were recent Mountainfilm special events in Aspen and at New York's Lincoln Center. This week, it's Mountainfilm in Telluride at the five-star Wilkinson Public Library. The FREE program is scheduled for Monday, January 24. Doors at 5 :30 p.m. and films at 6 p.m.

The program for Mountainfilm in Telluride at the Wilkinson Public LIbrary is as follows:

 "The Brothers Wild,"  (25 minutes):

 "The Brothers Wild" tells the story of the O’Neill brothers, Timmy and Sean, unusual pair of siblings. Timmy is, of course, a familiar face to Mountainfilm audiences, known to be equally agile in his comedy as in his climbing. Sean is new to the Festival and equally unforgettable for his own achievements. Sean is confined to a wheelchair because of an accident that occurred when he was young, but being an O’Neill, the unfortunate event becomes an inconvenience that  adds to the challenge of climbing Yosemite’s El Capitan and attempting Peak 6000 in Alaska’s Ruth Gorge. This short piece, part of the First Ascent series by Sender Films, is the kind of climbing film that keeps the genre alive and well.
"The Mouse That Soars," (6 minutes):

"The Mouse That Soars" illustrates the hair-raising adventures of a flying circus mouse. Witness the story of how an orphan foundling learns lessons in life and flight from his adoptive songbird parents. Come one, come all to this high-flying tale about beating the odds.
"Nine Winters Old,"  (65 minutes):

An acclaimed yet offbeat ski photographer celebrates winter and its devotees in "9 Winters Old." Rich visuals and a captivating original score are backdrops for humorous and heart-warming stories of people of all ages who come alive when temperatures tumble. The film had its world premier at  Mountainfilm in Telluride in 2006.

Music and poetry follow the Mountainfilm in Telluride event at the Wilkinson Public Library.
Wednesday, January 26, 6 pm., the Wilkinson Café presents “Heather and Doug” live in concert in the Program Room.  

Heather and Doug are no strangers to Telluride, but their appearance at Wilkinson Café is a first.  The acoustic duo is amazing: great vocalists and accomplished players on a variety of stringed instruments. Coffee, teas and café snacks are served at this FREE event. This is a family-friendly show.

The downfall of human society, said French biologist Jean-Baptiste Lamarck, will stem from our disconnect with the world around us. More recently, Albert Einstein noted, “The field is the only reality.” Poets, too, have been exploring the concept of how we connect with the larger world in the belief our survival depends on the answer.

Rosemerry Thursday, Jan 27, 6  – 8 p.m., the Telluride Library presents "Holy in the Moment," class 2. The series features poet/inspirational speaker/organic farmer Rosemerry Wahtola Trommer, who leads a discussion that centers around finding what really matters in our world.
Rosemerry's five-week poetry exploration focuses on the work of five contemporary American poets: Mary Oliver, Li-Young Lee, Jane Hirschfield, Naomi Shihab-Nye and Louise Glück, exploring how their words link the external “field” with what happens inside of us, creating inviolate connections between our external environment and emotional landscapes.

What sort of impact can this enhanced awareness have on our lives? Find out through Rosemerry's gentle, but astute guidance.

Rosemerry is the Poet Laureate of San Miguel County. Driven by love of language, land, and life, she has had a poem-a-day practice for many years. Rosemerry teaches creative writing for Think 360, The Aesthetic Education Institute of Colorado, and Camp Coca Cola. For 10 years, she has served as director of the Telluride Writers Guild. Rosemerry's work has appeared in O Magazine and on "A Prairie Home Companion." Her books include "Holding Three Things at Once," a finalist for the Colorado Book Award, "Insatiable, If You Listen," winner of the Colorado Independent Press Association Poetry Award, and "Suitcase of Yeses," an audio CD. Her most recent release, "Intimate Landscape: The Four Corners in Poetry & Photography" reads like a guidebook that offers reasons to fall more deeply in love with the world.

Rosemerry earned a Master’s Degree in English Language and Linguistics from the University of Wisconsin, Madison. All of her books, plus many ideas for writing and editing and publishing your own work, are available at


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