Telluride's Christ Church Launches "Renewal," 1/19

[click “Play” to hear Rev. Pat Bailey’s conversation with Susan]


Renewal Poster Telluride is not just any resort and its local institutions are equally unique and unconventional.

For example, our five-star Wilkinson Public Library is not your mother’s book repository. The Telluride Historical Museum is no dusty storehouse of treasures from someone’s attic. Even one of our houses of worship, Christ Presbyterian Church, is fast becoming much more than a place for contemplation and prayer. Under the director of Reverend Pat Bailey, a scholar of world religion, Christ Church is fast becoming a change agent within our community, with a brand new focus on the current environmental crisis.

On Wednesday, January 19, at noon, Christ Presbyterian Church launches a five-week program to view and discuss the documentary “Renewal” and how to put its message of sustainability into action. The documentary describes the responses of eight different religious communities – Jewish, Buddhist, Christian, Muslim, and interfaith – to the global issue of climate change and its effects.

“Renewal” is part of a larger project to provide resources and networking for the growing religious environmental movement in America.

Pat Bailey is currently working on his doctorate degree through San Francisco Theological Seminary. The topic of his dissertation: nature and spirituality, or how we encounter sacred presence in and through our experiences in nature.

The timing for the launch of the Renewal project in Telluride is perfect. On Friday, January 14, The New Community Coalition launched our region’s EcoAction Initiative, a year-long program to help us all find our way in to a greener future.

To learn more from Pat, click the “play” button and listen to his interview.

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