Telluride local Baerbel Hacke turns 60 in style

Telluride local Baerbel Hacke turns 60 in style

 She all but shouted it from the rooftops of town.

When Telluride local Baerbel Hacke turned 60, there was an all-Caps urgency to the event and a no-holds-barred party to go with it.

Baerbel took (at least) a week off work – she is the director of the Telluride Gallery of Fine Art – so that the birthday girl could celebrate in high style with a little help from her friends, some of whom came all the way over from Germany. (Baerbel was born in Leipzig, but found her winding way to Telluride in the 1980s.) 

The party of the year – ok, I know, 2011 has just begun, but I bet the blow-out to end all blow-outs remains a contender – was held last weekend at the (tarted up) historic Sheridan Opera House. Two of Baerbel's closest friends, Amy Kimberly and Marc Schauer, MC'ed the entertainment. Musical highlights of the evening included Baerbel herself singing lead with her band, The 525s, in top form – Suzanne Cheavens on guitar, Cindy Carver on bass, and Molly Papier on drums –  and her friend Mike rocking out with Baerbel's "twin," birthday boy Scott Chambers. Clint Viebrock sang the song Baerbel requested at a brunch the three of us shared last summer: "I'm A Travelin' Man."

The evening ended with a slide show and Baerbel's beautiful, talented daughter Charlotta singing the tear-jerker "Forever Young," an anthem for a woman whose soul will never grow a wrinkle.

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