Telluride Jazz Celebration presents: Live from the Llama

Telluride Jazz Celebration presents: Live from the Llama

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Tk2 Jazz is a uniquely American musical idiom that has no reason – or season. To prove the point, the Telluride Jazz Celebration plans to celebrate year ’round, not just over one memorable August weekend.

Starting on Tuesday, January 25, 10 p.m., the Telluride Jazz Celebration presents Live from the Llama webcasts, concerts designed to give music lovers around the globe a chance to enjoy sounds emanating from our box canyon. The first featured group is Toubab Krewe.

If the name is not familiar, do you remember the very first time you heard Paul Simon’s Graceland, that infectious stew of musical styles including pop, isicathamiya, rock and mbaqanga? The album was a inspiring example of music as a celebration of universal truths.

Now fast forward to the present to Toubab Krewe. Same deal: according to The New Yorker, musical cliches give way to “authentic extrapolations of traditional Manding beats, percussion and a jam-band flare.” Add Southern rock, hip hop, reggae, country and Latin sounds into the mix and you get the picture. Toubab Krewe is out of the box and out of this world.

At a Toubab Krewe concert, expect to see a cigar box guitar, harp-lute, djembe and horsehair fiddle all make an appearance throughout the course of one enchanted evening. Proof that the world has taken notice of their talents, Toubab Krewe has been invited to play at America’s largest music festivals like Bonnaroo, High Sierra, Rothbury and Wakarusa as well as abroad at such legendary gatherings as Festival in the Desert in Mali.

Concert tickets are available at Wizard Entertainment or at the door or log on to at 10:00pm MST to view the live Toubab Krewe webcast.

To learn more about Toubab and other Telluride Jazz Celebration events, click the play button and listen to marketing director Todd Altschuler’s rap.

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