Telluride Institute News: The Amazing Watershed Education Traveling Puppet Theater!

Telluride Institute News: The Amazing Watershed Education Traveling Puppet Theater!

Announcing:  2011 Winter Puppet Program for San Miguel County Elementary Schools:

Paddy the Paleontologist with his library

The Watershed Education Program Puppet Theater of the Telluride Institute is entering its 4th season with exciting new additions to its repertoire. We have been rehearsing, working on our stage, and making some new puppets such as "Paddy the Paleontologist" who tells the story of the dinosaur bones recently discovered on Norwood Hill. The puppeteers include Ashley Boling, Sally Davis, Jeb Berrier, Laurie Lundquist, and Colin Sullivan. Buff Hooper has been working behind the scenes with Sally and Laurie on props and puppets. We will be performing up and down the watershed in various schools and libraries with the goal of educating and entertaining. It will be lots of fun!

The basic concepts of watershed awareness are introduced in simple ways that form a foundation for childrens’ later participation in our Watershed Education Program (WEP). The real stars of these shows are the animals and insects of the watershed. When you come to a show you are likely to meet a bear, a coyote, a beaver, a cricket, an eagle, and even a mosquito! All of these wild creatures have a point of view; we can learn a lot by listening to them interact. The dynamics of our watershed are rich and complex. It is good to hear about this place from the horse's mouth… and the dog's bark and the cricket's chirp…!

Our fun filled puppet shows for the 2011 season include :

"Where Does the River Come From? –Where Does the River Go?"; "A Cricket's Journey Down the Watershed;" "Day World/Night World;" and "Get Outa My Hair, Ski Area Bear." A new play is in the works, thanks to Pamela Zoline, that celebrates the discovery of dinosaur bones on Norwood Hill;

Upcoming puppet shows include:

February 1: Mountain School Montessori

February 7: Naturita Public School

February 28: Telluride Elementary School

Telluride Public Library and Norwood shows to be announced.

Sally Davis with Sun Puppet in progress 

If you are interested in having a puppet show at your school or event please contact:

Laura Kudo, M.A.
Watershed Education Program Director
A Program of the Telluride Institute

The Wateshed Education Program Puppet Plays have been generously supported this year by the Lifton-Zoline Foundation and the Just For Kids Organization. These organizations are committed to providing learning opportunities in every school in our Watershed, including our youngest regional community members.

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