Telluride Adaptive Sports Program's Sylvie Fadrhonc: published author

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program's Sylvie Fadrhonc: published author

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Sylvie Forget your old ideas about wheelchair-bound people: Telluride Adaptive Sports Program’s education and development manager, Sylvie Fadrhonc gets around in her chair and on the mountain in her monoski, and you will run to keep up with her. Seriously.

Besides her work with Telluride Adaptive Sports and her budding career as a monoski racer, Sylvie is now a published author, having the cover story in the January issue of Sports ‘n Spokes.

Telluride Adaptive Sports Program (TASP) continues to serve regional school kids, locals and visiting folks with disabilities. However, the level has been kicked up a notch or two, pushing the boundaries of what is possible for higher level athletes who just happen to have disabilities. Under the guidance of TASP program director Tim McGough, participants in the Expand Your Horizons Ski Camp (this year January 30- February 4) can experience the hike-to terrain at Telluride, and even ski with Helitrax, Telluride’s helicopter skiing service.

In her Sports ‘n Spokes article, Sylvie writes about these opportunities, but the main thrust of the piece is the Alaska Adaptive Adventure, scheduled for the third Summer this year. TASP, in conjunction with Mountain Trip is making a true widerness experience available for outdoors enthusiasts with disabilities. A teaser of “Back Country Bounty” is available on Sports ‘n Spokes’ website.

Check out Sylvie’s interview above. Oh, and that young woman in the monoski who just blew by you high up on the mountain at Telluride? That was Sylvie Fadrhonc…


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