Part-time Telluride local Laura Linney wins Golden Globe

Part-time Telluride local Laura Linney wins Golden Globe

Last night, the Golden Globes made Telluride proud of our golden girl.

Part-time local Laura Linney was awarded a Golden Globe for Best Actress, Comedy/Musical (TV) for her no-holds-barred performance in "The BIg C," the ultimate in when "life hands you a lemon…"

In "The Big C, " Linney plays Cathy Jamison, a dutiful suburban wife and mom, whose cancer diagnosis compels her to shed her inhibitions like last year's dress. Humor and hope move in. The immature hubbie moves out. Showtime has scheduled a second season.

Linney first came to Telluride in 2004 as a Telluride Film Festival tributee and to present two films, “Kinsey” and “P.S.” The trip rocked her world. Linney witnessed a rainbow, got to have a leisurely conversation with Joan Allen, an actress she long admired, and, then there was Marc. Marc is Marc Schauer, whose Film Fest assignment involved hosting Miss Linney. The rest is history: the Telluride Film Fest gave Linney much more than a medallion. It gave her a husband and a whole new world.

In 2007, Linney's "The Savages," opened as a sneak peak at the Telluride Film Fest and earned the actress an Oscar nomination. Winning the gold is overdue for an extraordinary woman of beauty, intelligence, integrity, and the moxie she demonstrates as Cathy.


On a sad note, Linney was not able to attend the Globes because her father Romulus Linney, a playwright, passed away on Saturday, January 15, ironically after a real-life battle with cancer.

Her Telluride family sends Linney a mixed message: kudos and condolences.

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